Sunday, October 10, 2010

2NE1's Sandara Park ranked #3 for best natural beauty

When it comes to beauty polls, it is no doubt that 2NE1′s Sandara Park always has a special place at the first three spots. In a span of a year after debut, multiple polls has been conducted, mostly certified by beauty or medical professionals. Dara have always managed to nab, if not the top, then at least the remaining four slots. She is not only tagged as ‘The Philippine Boa’, she actually have a lot of nicknames.

Back in the Philippines where she used to be a top star (a top star until now stilll), her fans call her “The Phenomenal Star”, “The Magic Star”, and all the stars there is -- after all, her name means “Star” and she is living up to it. In Korea, she has become one of those idols being looked up to not only by young girls but by boys, in fact, she has a long list of  ’idol’ fan boys.

In a search for “The Next Lee Hyori” poll, she won against Yoona of SNSD and UEE of After School. That is quiet a feat for someone who have just yet started.

In a poll conducted on who Korean boys wanted to date, she ranked #2. She also ranked #2, losing only a few points to SNSD Sunye when a poll was conducted on the idol who has the best features -- a poll conducted towards plastic surgeons, beauty specialists, and other medical beauty experts.

Bobbi Brown, a professional make-up artists love Dara’s eyes, saying she loves how dramatic her eyes are.

She had been rumored to be a vampire with her porcelain skin, fragile look and alluring beauty . At the age of 27, you could ever hardly see pores on her face.

In a current poll participated by 781 netizens conducted by a cosmetic surgery hospital in Seoul, she took the 3rd spot for ‘best natural beauty’. She mights just be 2 spots lower than SNSD’s Seohyun, but in the eyes of  pure-blooded Blackjacks, she is our number 1.

There is no doubt, Sandara Park is a real goddess.


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