Monday, December 11, 2017

Dara will say Yes to marriage immediately if someone proposes to her like this

Dara has revealed her hopes for receiving a daring and perhaps somewhat dangerous marriage proposal.

Footage has resurfaced of Dara’s trip to the Philippines where she introduced viewers to the world’s smallest volcano: the Taal Volcano.

On the show, she revealed that she takes an annual ‘Dara Tour’ of the Philippines, visiting the country where she grew up in when she has time.

After hiking up to the top of Taal Volcano, she was blown away by the views.

I think I would say yes right away if someone proposed to me here.” - Dara.   

Having lived in the Philippines for around 10 years, Dara has a love for the country and wants a romance as wild and beautiful as the hills!

Credits: Koreaboo

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jung Hyung Don says CL may be suffering from panic disorder

The comedian expressed empathy for CL as she displayed similar symptoms as him in her private life in a rare television appearance.

Former 2NE1 member revealed her daily life when she appeared on Dec. 7th episode of tvN’s “Double Life”.  She attended a party in a New York City club.

CL, who appeared to be nervous and uncomfortable, told her friends she wanted to leave.

The solo artist confessed  “I just want to go home when I’m out.  It feels like work.  

Contrary to her out-going and wild image, she showed fear for simple things like…walking on the street?!

In the episode, CL claimed to have a panic attack and walked close to her male friend to her comfort.

I don’t have much experience being in big crowds.  I had very few friends at school.  Perhaps it’s due to being in a girl-group with just four members.  I have no clue what to do when I’m with lots of people. “I’m quite used to having a large crowd watching my performance.  However, being right in the middle of the pack is what I fear.” - CL.

Comedian Jung Hyung Don, who appeared as a guest, was able to completely understand what CL was going through as he’s had similar experiences in the past.

Jung halted all of his television appearances in November of 2015 as he was said to be suffering from panic disorder. Having returned to television in July of this year, Jung said CL may experience fear for the unknown, to which CL emphatically agreed.

Credits: Koreaboo

CL reveals that she isn’t a smoker, contrary to rumors

CL has blatantly denied speculations that she smokes once and for all!

Jung Hyungdon and Defconn recently visited CL at the start of her day when they asked her a bold question.

“Do you not smoke?” they asked. CL, who was with her stylist at the time, simply responded, “I don’t do it.” 

The statement comes as a clarification to speculations about her alleged smoking habit.

Many initially believed that she smoked due to the lifestyle she appeared to portray to the public…

She even once raised eyebrows because of an Instagram photo she posted with a hookah.

It seems, however, that she has settled the question once and for all now!

Source: Newsen
Credits: Koreaboo

CL and Zion.T talk about their 'not-so-close' relationship on 'Life Bar'

During the December 7 broadcast of tvN's 'Life Bar' singer CL and Zion.T made guest appearances on the program.

Zion.T explained how he was such a big fan of CL and he couldn't call her by name so he would instead tap her to get her attention.

CL commented, "I honestly found out that Zion.T was an oppa to me for the first time today."  Hearing this, Zion.T responded, "First time?" and said, "I thought you were just Americanized (because you were not using honorifics)."

When the MCs asked, "So CL how did you address Zion.T all this time?"  Both answered, "Just as 'On.T'."

The MCs responded, "This is the first time we've ever had 'not-so-close' guests on the air.  Not sure if it's the light color hairdye, but you both look like an old couple," causing much laughter.

Credits: Allkpop

CL shares that she enjoys hiking on her off days

CL shared the activity she enjoys the most when off schedule.

On the December 8 broadcast of tvN's 'Life Bar', CL revealed she enjoys hiking on the days she doesn't have any schedule. The MCs commented, "That's unexpected", and CL explained, "I don't like repeating the same thing. Hiking is nice because it's different each time. I go by myself and I frequently hike Gwanaksan, Bukhansan, and the hiking trail behind my house."

Another guest of the day, Zion.T, also commented, "Since I'm always with a lot of people, I tend to enjoy my time alone. When I don't have any schedule, I enjoy watching a movie or going for a drive by myself." 

Credits: Allkpop

CL shares why she wants to debut in the U.S. + how American agencies are different from YG

CL explained why she decided to officially start a career in America. 

On the December 7 airing of tvN's 'Life Bar', CL stated, "I grew up listening to pop, and it didn't make sense to me how there weren't any Asian pop stars (promoting in the U.S). I felt that even more when I actually visited America. Even if I don't succeed as people expect or as much I did in Korea, I believe if it'll be helpful to the artists after me if I open up the road."

MC Heechul expressed admiration as he commented, "You have left behind everything you have here, I don't think I could ever do that. I'm going to cry if they send me. I'm going to bawl if Lee Soo Man tells me to challenge myself in America." To this, MC Yura brought laughter as she responded, "Because you can't speak English."

Next, CL continued talking about her experience in America and shared how American agencies are different from Korean labels. She explained, "In Korea, like SM, YG, one label takes cares of everything from labeling, management, producing, and everything but in America, there's one separate thing for management, one separate for the agency. It's all separate. So it was very new how I had to do everything separately on my own after being under one agency that does everything. In a way, the Korean system is very convenient."

Lastly, when asked about the status of her American dream, CL confidently commented, "I'm almost there."

Credits: Allkpop 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jeon Somi and Minzy sings 2NE1’s “Lonely” together

Jeon Somi’s dream to meet Minzy has come true!

On the recent episode of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” on February 10, members Kim Sook, Hong Jin Kyung, Han Chae Young, Kim Ye Won, Hong Jin Young, Gong Minzy, and Jeon Somi gathered for the first time.

Then the staff said, “There is a fangirl among the members,” and Jeon Somi revealed, “I actually really like Gong Minzy.”

During Jeon Somi’s individual interview, she said, “I listened to 2NE1 songs ever since I was little. I even owned 2NE1’s official goods, but my mom ripped it.

When she got a chance to deliver a video message to Gong Minzy, Jeon Somi became quite nervous like any fangirl, saying, “This is so hard to say!

Later, she worked up the courage and said to the camera, “You’re a singer that I really like and respect, and I am so nervous to be a fellow cast member with you. I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk well.

The singer even worried, “What if I make her (Gong Minzy) feel uncomfortable? Okay, I’ll do my best to not overwhelm her.

As she sat next to Gong Minzy at the gathering, Jeon Somi said shyly, “I can’t look at her,” and told Gong Minzy, “I dreamed of becoming a singer because of you. I am overly happy.

To express gratitude, Gong Minzy held Jeon Somi’s hand and said, “Let’s become close!

Afterwards, the two singers sang a bit of 2NE1’s “Lonely” together, which was Jeon Somi’s audition song that got her accepted into JYP Entertainment.

Check the video below!
Credits: Soompi 
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